REM: Final Video

I went through a lot of trial and error for this last assignment. The general idea I had was to use 25 well-known blockbuster films and turn them into something completely different and original. The first thing I decided to try out was placing them all over the top of each other with varying degrees of opacity so make one crazy overlapped film. This was a pain to get right, however I really liked how it looked. I could have spent the full 2 hours watching the video as there was something very mesmerising about it, however I knew straight away that it wasn’t original enough to be called my own. It’s uploaded here, because I think it’s really interesting to watch.

I decided to take a different approach and sped up each of the films as much as Premiere would allow. Each 2 hour long film was reduced to about a minute, but it was still very recognisable, so I exported it and sped it up again. This didn’t help much, as regardless of how short a film has been compacted to, if you pause at any moment, you will still see the original work.

I thought I’d try to blur it so that I could get rid of anything that is recognisable. It was successful, however it ended up being a blinding video of flashing colour and light. It was awful to watch, so I decided to go back to the drawing board. Both of these progressions are uploaded here.

Somewhere along the way I decided to play around with sound. I used a song from a video game soundtrack and slowed it down to 20%. I thought it sounded really cool, but there was still a chance it could be recognised as what it was originally, so I played with the pitch and lowered it down to 20% of what it was also. The result was creepy, dark and menacing sounding, which I was very impressed with considering it sounds absolutely nothing like the original.

I decided to completely flip my idea on it’s head, and instead of using popular films, use my own creations. I’ve been editing videos (for school and for fun) since year 9 of high school, so I thought it would actually be really interesting to show how they’ve progressed. The old videos are truly embarrassing – which made me think, ‘how can I make this not totally cringeworthy?’. I tested out ideas and used inspiration from my other remix assignments, and ended up trying to make my crappy old videos into a horror film. There is a very loose, general sort of plot or chain of events that follows: the lost, the stalked, the strange and the death. However, I didn’t want anyone to watch the film and understand it – what I like about it now is that it doesn’t really make much sense. It’s a conglomeration of horror at first look, but underneath it is embarrassing videos from my teenagehood.

In order to get the videos to fit the mood I wanted, I generated a circle to darken the edges and used a bleaching filter. I kept the same sound as I had created, as it was what gave me the horror idea in the first place – except I also decided to keep the audio of each video in, but slowed down, pitched and quietened.


“This video is my own. It is all original content. The only part I did not create from scratch is the soundtrack, however it has been edited to a point that it is no longer recognisable and does not bear any similarities to the original.”


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