REM: Completely Remixed Video

In order to ‘deeply affect some imagery and audio’ to such a level that it becomes unrecognisable and ‘original’, I decided I would repeat one clip over and over, each time with different effects. I used Snow White freaking out for less than a second and duplicated her (originally about 25 times but later almost 100 times), then played around with the rotation, colours, opacity and various distortion effects, layering them over the top of each other until it got really weird. I liked that it looked abstract and glitchy, but it was still distinguishable as an edited Snow White video. This is the point in where I liked my work and thought it was pretty damn cool – I uploaded it HERE. Since it was still recognisable as Disney’s footage, I blurred all of the video to different degrees according to each section. The result of this is HERE. I then realised it was supposed to be 30 seconds at least, so I continued to play around with it and stretched some of the footage and blurred it even more until it was the right length.

The audio is taken from Disney’s Cinderella. I reversed it, distorted it with a ‘delay’ and continuously changed the pitch throughout the sound clip. It’s kinda jarring to listen to now, but it’s very different to how it was in the beginning. To be honest, I’m not in love with the final product. I believe I was successful, as I experimented so much that Premiere continuously crashed, however as happy as I am with the result, it’s not attractive and I don’t like to watch it.


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