REM: Video 2 – Until Dawn

I’m really amused by the idea of trying to match up and compliment two very different or conflicting things. For this video I took the trailer from the new PS4 horror game Until Dawn and changed the footage and gameplay to excerpts from Disney movies (specifically – Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Hercules, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty). I chose this game because it terrifies me, and I wondered if I could keep it scary by remixing it with something as cheerful and upbeat as Disney movies. I replaced the original 8 Until Dawn characters with the characters of these films and I matched up the actions to the audio. I did my best to find Disney footage that replicated the game exactly, but when it comes to heads being chopped off and bodies being dragged, one has to improvise. The bright and colourful Disney was a huge juxtaposition to the dark and eerie horror game, so I changed the colours and brightness and added lots of effects. It’s missing the blood and gore that Until Dawn does really well, so it doesn’t quite reach the ‘scary’ potential I would like it to. However – it’s only a short video and I think the point comes across.


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