REM: Sound 3 – Hurricane

I’ve been remixing other people’s content this entire time, so I thought I’d have a go at remixing my own. This is a mashup of 2 songs – both titled ‘Hurricane’ – one by Panic! At The Disco and one by Greg Parker & Joe Bell that happens to be a cover of 30 Seconds to Mars‘s song (so this is a remix of a remix). The quality of my voice is questionable but it was much more pleasant to edit because I could make sure the tempo was the same each time I made another recording. Everything here is my voice except for the beat, which was just me playing around with a coffee tin. I didn’t fix the levels properly so it’s a little harsh to listen to, but I’m happy with the way it matches up. I had a good go at harmonies and I like how they sound. This could have been better if there was more background sound or a piano melody but I did what I could with my limited musical ability.


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