REM: Video 1 – too original

I went a little crazy with this remix. I found a bunch of videos people had uploaded on YouTube with masks they had created themselves from anime, so it gave me the idea of utilising them and remixing them into an anime music video (AMV) for this assignment. I chose the song Too Original by Major Lazer because it happens to be a song I’m into at the moment and I thought that it would be a little ironic if it was the name of a video I made with very little original content. The only parts that I actually created myself were the colourful moving backgrounds and the shadows and edits attached to the characters. I figured it would be bit of a challenge to try and match up Japanese anime with an electronic/reggae band – and I was right.

This video was a lot of fun to make until Premiere started continuously crashing towards the end – which was probably because of the large amount of layers and effects I was using. I keyed the backgrounds out of the already-existing masks and made some of my own with ultra keys, colour keys, and garbage mattes. I played around with position and scale of motions to try and always keep things moving. There was a lot of cropping and I used about 35 different anime – the majority of which I wasn’t a stranger to. Even though the video is all over the place, it does still sort of stick to the rhythm, so I’m happy with how it turned out.


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