REM: The Big ’09 Mashup

One of the most well known remixes of my generation so far is Blame It On The Pop. DJ Earworm’s 2009 instalment of United State of Pop is his biggest hit, with over 46 million views on YouTube. Five years ago this was an incredibly huge thing (at least within my circles) and I can guarantee that every single teenager in my school had heard it. Every now and again I would hear a stranger listening to it loud through their headphones or answering a call with it as their ringtone. What made it so awesome was that he smashed together verses, phrases and beats from the Top 25 Hits of the year, and somehow it worked incredibly well. It probably wouldn’t sound as exciting to someone who wasn’t alive or into pop music in 2009, however I know that whenever it plays in my car, regardless of who I have sitting with me, they will undeniably sing along – usually knowing every single word.

Not to mention that in the cosplay world, Blame It On The Pop became part of a YouTube fad where cosplayers made music videos to the song displaying all the characters they dress up as. This was known as Blame It On The Cosplay and was initiated by Parle Productions. (There is at least 200 of these videos still on YouTube.) This was within itself, a remix of a remix – the pop hits of the year mashed into a song, transformed later into a string of music videos. This song was a big deal so I’m sure there’s plenty of other (bigger) places the ’09 hit went – but this is one that I remember particularly well.

There’s just something charming and now nostalgic about this remix and I can’t stop loving it.

When it comes down to debating the authenticity of remix and whether it is ‘real’ or ‘original’ content or not, I believe Blame It On The Pop is a great example. Sure, none of the media that DJ Earworm used is his own, however he used what he had access to and made something creative and awesome (not to mention, catchy). The Internet is full of remixes like this – it’s what a lot os us spend our time watching and viewing. From simple memes to mashup videos to parodies, it’s weird to think how different (and boring) the online world would be without them. And when – like Blame It On The Pop – they cross over into the ‘real world’ it really puts into perspective how important remix is to our culture.


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