EMA: Atmosphere Project

My group and I created a ‘horror game’ atmosphere inside La Trobe’s corridors.  We came up with the idea together and unanimously decided to base it off Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which is a horror game known for immersing and terrifying it’s players with it’s atmosphere.  We decorated an empty corridor with spiderwebs, candles, sheets with the word ‘run’ in blood (my hands got very dirty with fake blood), a handwritten note and a lantern.  We had one group member film while another was behind him completing actions with his hands on camera to make a first-person game-like perspective.  Along with the actual dimming (and flickering) of lights, we cranked the camera’s ISO down so it appeared darker, as well as edited the lighting in post.  Ryan did all the sound and visual editing to put the whole thing together and create the monster that chases after the player – which was an important part in making the atmosphere scary.
The project turned out insanely cool and it fits the sort of aesthetic and atmosphere we were going for – a horror game.


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