EMA: Space

Human experience and understanding is a weird thing.  Certain times we choose to differentiate between fiction and reality, for example: understanding the difference between map and territory.  This very obvious reality vs fiction distinction is blurred when we bring new media into the mix; when we’re looking at pictures of our pets on our iPhones and we know that IS our pet, however, at the same time it’s just a photo.  Is it reality or fiction?

Another thing we can’t always explain is spaces.  We have sensory understandings of space, so when we’re walking alone outside in the darkness of night, we might feel uneasy.  Our so called ‘sixth sense’ is reacting and somehow we know that something isn’t right.  However we ourselves do not understand the space, or why this would happen.

What we do understand is the concept of ‘places’ – we are familiar with certain places, aka our homes, the park, school.  However, these were spaces before they were places.  It is always a space, until we experience it, then it becomes a place.  To put it plainly, a place is a space experienced by humans.

We are awfully confusing creatures.


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