EMA: Red

I’ve known for a while that every fast food outlet in the country has red in their colour scheme because red is supposed to make you hungry – but I never knew why until today.  Back in the day when humans were vicious carnivores (?), we were attracted to the colour red much like the way that sharks are: red is the colour of meat and blood.  So fast forward a few thousand years and we still have that psychological association in our brains that says “red = blood = food = hungry” (despite whether each individual eats meat or not).  It also invokes excitement way down inside us somewhere (red! must mean blood! I get to eat soon! Wow! Excitement!).  So once someone clever figured this out, fast food joints started putting red on their logos, buildings and packaging.  This is also why things that are of great importance are red – such as stop signs and first aid kits.  Because as humans, red captures our attention and we automatically know that if something is red, it is important and/or exciting. 


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