EMA: Photoshop practice

In the last tutorial we were instructed to ‘play around with Photoshop’ and alter an image of a person.  I watched the instructor mutilate Angelina Jolie’s face by slanting her eyes and adding facial features of Putin’s and turning her mouth upside down.  It was horrifying.  I was going to do the same myself, except I couldn’t bare to destroy Marina and the Diamonds with a creative program like that. So I altered her in a slightly different way.



In order to use the techniques demonstrated, I used Marina’s eyes from a different photo and pasted them on to the new one (using various tools to blend them in).  I changed her outfit and gave her purple highlights – as well as altered the colour of her makeup.  I made the background pink to match.  It was much more satisfying than any sort of mutilation would have been.


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