EMA: Instagram is an artform !?

One of our readings was quite interesting and posed an excellent point.  We make fun of Instragram users and condemn them for taking photos of their food, pets, sceneries etc, when they should be ‘enjoying it as it is’ and not bring obsessed with uploading it online to get ‘likes’ and ‘favourites’.  However, this is arguably a trend that started a long time ago and hasn’t changed. When you go into an art gallery or an extremely wealthy person’s house, what you might find is exactly the same as what you’ll find on Instagram, but created with different media.  Preserved from many years ago are paintings of food, pets and sceneries.  It appears even more relevant when you think about the rich, royal guys who had portraits painted of themselves and put in places where onlookers could admire them.  It’s essentially the same as taking a selfie and putting it on Facebook for people to give a ‘thumbs up’.  The only difference is that back 500 years ago, you couldn’t create a lasting image of a meal without your food getting cold.


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