MNC: Networked Video reflection

For our Networked Video assignment, our group decided on a horror genre ‘choose your own adventure’ film. The story follows 5 friends who get together to watch horror movies. One by one, they are all murdered, and in the end we discover who the murderer is. The viewer has the choice to choose the order of events and try to find the ‘true’ ending. Essentially every option will end in death and provide the option to play again, except for Jenny’s ending, which has a link to an extra behind the scenes video.

We worked well together to come up with ideas and film the project. We filmed with two cameras (mine and Melodie’s) – which miraculously were the same model of JVC camcorder. We only had to meet up once to get it done, and the footage came out really good. When it came to editing, some of us had technical issues and problems – which resulted in myself and a few others doing the majority of work, but in the end it was all finished on time. I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC to put together the films, and the annotating editing option on YouTube to create the hyperlink buttons. I really enjoyed this project and learned a lot from it.



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