MNC: Sound Environment

[Sound 1]

[Sound 2]

[Sound 3]

[Sound 4]

[Sounds All Together]

This assignment was a fun one to do, because it involved everyone in the group to find or make sounds to record after brainstorming what sound setting we wanted. The group decided on a park scene with a narrative that involved spies. One spy was listening in on a conversation between an undercover cop and an illegal dealer, which in the end, ended in death (however it is left uncertain which of the two has been shot). The narrative wasn’t actually necessary, but it played a part in setting the scene. We made rustling sounds for walking and recorded birds chirping to make it sound like the outdoors. The dialogue of the dealing was done via the use of two phones, so it came out distorted and muffled on purpose. However it was a little hard to understand what the dealer was saying. We decided it wasn’t necessary to change it, as you could still get the gist of what was going on without her words clear. My group worked well together to discuss and generate sounds, as well as putting it all together in the end (which I did on Audacity). Only one of the sounds was one we didn’t record ourselves – the gunshot. It can be sourced [here]. The only thing I think we could’ve done better, is if we would have used more background noises for the park, or something that made the narrative more obvious (such as police sirens or something similar). This wasn’t a difficult assignment, although it did take a fair bit of brain power to make it work. It was enjoyable.


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