MNC: Slacktivism

So today I learned a  new word. ‘Slacktivism’ – which I believe to essentially mean ‘slack activism’. It’s quite clever, actually. But it’s amusing how much of this is actually going on. A good example is the constant Facebook posts that say ‘Like if you think this is wrong!’ with a picture of a dog in a cage or children dying in third world countries. (To be honest I can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it – thousands of people ‘liking’ a sad picture, as if it’ll actually do something.)

We talked about ‘Kony 2012’ in this discussion. I remember this phase of popular culture very well. It almost went above and beyond slacktivism – we were so close to actually doing something for once – until we found out that it wasn’t even all factual. First the video was put online (I found it on Tumblr), then it went viral (I found it on Facebook and 500 times more on Tumblr), then the world outside the Internet knew about it (my media teacher found it and forced us to discuss it) and suddenly it was this HUGE THING. I even remember ‘Stop Kony 2012’ posters stuck up on walls around the school and graffiti around car-parks of local shopping centers.

Although i don’t remember much of the actual video. Funny that.


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