MNC: Not solving world issues

So we’ve discussed the fact that we know about the many problems the world has, and we have the Internet – which is a possible solution, yet we don’t do anything about it. For example there’s the fact that companies as rich as Apple don’t pay any tax, yet the everyday person pays a hell of a lot. We haven’t done anything about this. We were posed the question ‘WHY?’. Why don’t we do anything? Why are we sitting here hardly even talking about it when we have the ability to do something? There were a lot of philosophical and clever answers presented as to the reason why, but to be honest I think it’s a lot more simple than that. (note: massive generalisations ahead.)

The human race is lazy.

Regular people from the modern world are too concerned with their own everyday life to put the the common good at the top of their list. Even if we know it benefits us. We’d rather not get into things that are complicated, and we’d rather not risk any trouble it may cause us. It’s easier to ignore it. We have this defeatist attitude that says ‘we can’t do anything about it’ so ‘leave it to the people with power’, even though we know very well that as a whole, we actually DO have the ability and technology. We’re lazy. I honestly think it’s as simple as that.


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